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Canine Rehab & Your Dog

Canine-Rehab is a new service in northeast Iowa that provides
physical conditioning, injury rehabilitation and exercise therapy for dogs.

Working in conjunction with your dog's veterinarian, we improve the overall health of your dog, rehabilitate injuries and help prevent future injury. Our physical rehabilitation and performance conditioning services include:
  • Evaluation of injuries and design of treatment plans
  • Strengthening dogs using a variety of exercises and tools such as balance balls, cavaletti rails, treadmills and other modalities
  • Ultrasound, Laser therapies, TENS and other treatments for stiffness and pain
  • Massage
  • And through our veterinary network, access to acupuncture, chiropractic and Magna Wave pulsed electromagnetic field therapies
These therapies can be part of an overall conditioning program for healthy dogs or a method of speeding recovery for injured dogs. During our therapy sessions, we will teach you techniques and exercises to enhance your dog’s strength and flexibility at home. These exercises will help you prevent future injuries and educate you in what to look for in your dog’s movements and activities.

How do you get started? Talk to your veterinary or contact us and we will begin with an evaluation for your dog.
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